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Assured Detection

Flexible & Fast Installation

Reduced Maintenance & TCO

Interruption Free Operation

Efficient & Effective Response

Xtralis VEA

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Assured Detection

Active sampling and full supervision of microbore tubes and sampling points including automated cleaning ensure total system availability and minimum false alarms.




Flexible and Fast Installation

Flexible microbore tubes are easy to install with push-fit connections and passive sampling points hence no compliance requirements to electrical codes. Unique tube serial numbers and tube length markings allow pre-engineered and faster installation.


Reduced Maintenance and TCO

Centralized test and maintenance feature in VEA reduces service time by up to 90% and saves up to 60% in TCO. Full supervision allows centralized smoke test allowing servicing of up to 500 address a day. Field replaceable components reduces service and maintenance time and cost.



Interruption Free Operation

VEA remote maintenance testing is ideally suited to applications where interruption free business operation and restricted access are of paramount importance, such as in healthcare, government buildings, businesses with highly confidential assets, prison and hotels.


Efficient and Effective Response

VEA provides best in class connectivity including WAN and Wireless. iVESDA application provides real time and remote access to VEA allowing advance service preparation saving time and money and avoiding multiples service visits.


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