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VESDA VLQ is a purpose-built Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) solution specifically designed for small area applications up to 100m2 (1,000 sq.ft):

  • Small important rooms - small server and control rooms, archive and office
  • Distributed utilities - telecommunications, electricity, gas and water

VLQ extends very early warning to these peripheral areas at an unprecedented price point.  VLQ also showcases many VESDA features that have delivered best performance over the years.







Very Early Warning Fire Detection for Small Important Areas


VESDA VLQ brings reliable very early warning smoke detection to small important rooms which were previously protected by conventional detection systems. VLQ buys time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage or business disruption. The VESDA VLQ combines these fundamental basics of Xtralis ASD for small area applications.

  • Very Early Warning for small areas up to 100m2 (1,000 sq.ft)
  • Up to four (4) Class‐A holes
  • Minimizes downtime and service interruptions
  • Allows more time to respond to remote sites
  • Minimizes damage to electronic equipment from the corrosive properties of smoke

Simple & Flexible Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance


Fundamental to the VESDA VLQ is its smart design, ensuring expedient and hassle-free installation and set up. The VESDA VLQ can easily be deployed into many small area applications without special applications engineering system design support. Key VLQ features include:

  • Pre-engineered pipe networks
  • Various mounting options
  • Out-of-box operation (simple dip switch configuration)
  • Stand-alone system (no need for a dedicated fire panel)
  • Relay based integration
  • USB for direct PC connection



Where early intervention is valued, VESDA VLQ delivers cost-effective very early warning detection for small rooms up to 100 m² (1,000 ft²) to ensure optimum response. So why risk business continuity by using conventional detection systems in small important rooms?





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