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Xtralis makes a wealth of Safety and Security literature and documentation available in a publically-accessible  Document Library.  You can also access most literature and documentation with our handy Xtralis Mobile Documents (XtralisMD) application, available at:

Additional documentation is available within our Partner Extranet, which requires authorization to access. Apply for or login to access this information below.


The Legacy Xtralis Security Portal is also available for select Security information and software.

Xtralis Partner Extranet
Main Partner Extranet for all protected Xtralis Safety and Security documents and software

ADPRO, VESDA, ICAM, HeiTel, OSID, and other information available

For architects & engineers, consultants, distributors, installers, integrators, and other Xtralis Partners



Legacy Security Portal
Select security documents and software

Site is separate from Xtralis.com

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