Industry Solutions and Applications from Xtralis

Xtralis has established a reputation for developing innovative and reliable life safety and security solutions for early threat detection. Because of our deep expertise in fire science and security technology, the world’s top brands, governments and industries turn to Xtralis to protect their employees, property and continuity of operations.

Xtralis intelligent life safety and security solutions are uniquely suited for optimal operation across a variety of industries. Each of these industries has special considerations, unique applications and challenging environments, especially those that have zero tolerance for incidents.


Life Safety Solutions

From the confined spaces of correctional institutions to the large, open spaces in cultural facilities, warehouses and airports to data and telecommunications centers with rows of server cabinets to heated production floors in industrial complexes, VESDA and ICAM by Xtralis aspirating smoke detection systems deliver superior very early fire detection in environments with:

  • Ceilings with beams
  • Air-conditioning ducts
  • High airflow
  • Inaccessible spaces
  • Expensive and essential equipment
  • Large, open spaces
  • Difficult configurations that make access and maintenance challenging

Traditional smoke detectors are either ineffective or cannot reliably protect such environments due to dust, humidity or corrosive atmospheres and can be expensive to deploy. Xtralis very early warning fire detection systems provide cost-effective, easy-to-maintain protection regardless of the environment.


Security Solutions

Air, ground and sea transportation hubs, power generation and water treatment facilities, manufacturing plants and public buildings all require effective security to prevent unauthorized entry, vandalism and theft. ADPRO by Xtralis perimeter protection and enterprise IP security solutions provide:

  • Defense-grade perimeter protection
  • Proven sterile zone monitoring
  • Access control with video verification
  • Protection for employees and customers
  • Centralized security management
  • Remote monitoring and alarm verification
  • Fraud/shrinkage prevention

With ADPRO by Xtralis security solutions, industries are protected from the edge of their facilities to their very core. From potential terrorists to vandals to burglars, an ADPRO security solution delivers powerful, early threat detection for a more proactive security program.


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Learn more about how our life safety and security solutions can help you meet your most important safety and security challenges. Visit the Industry page of most interest to you, or Contact us to request a free consultation with an Xtralis sales representative.


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