Perimeter Protection for HON

HIS ADPRO PRO E Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors)

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The PRO E-PIR, available in a variety of models to optimally address varying perimeter, performance, and budget needs, achieves unsurpassed detection performance at industry leading ranges.



Excellent detection performance allows PIRs to produce
true alarms – no false alarms.  PRO E-PIR detectors performed with the highest detection reliability and the lowest false alarm rate during an independent evaulation conducted by Sensei Solutions.  

Reliable detection and range was
3rd party tested & endorsed.  Sensei Solutions confirmed the Xtralis PRO E-PIR detector outperformed everyother detection sesor tested, including competitor PIRs.



Extending leadership with super long range PIR offering a 650+ feet (200 meter) curtain and enabling the best value per meter of protected perimeter when compared to competing intrusion detection technologies.
  ADPRO PRO E Reliability
Delivers reliable detection eliminating any creep zone surrounding the pole or wall with industry leading tamper proofing & anti-vandal protection and low-visibility mode.

360PROtect™, an additional sensor built in to ALL detectors to cover the area from up to 3+ feet (1 meter) behind, 2+ feet (0.75 meters) aside the detector and up to 26+ feet (8 meters) in front of it eliminating all creep zones and providing maximum tamper protection.


Industry leading anti-vandal protection
with optical anti-masking & twisting
detection. Tamper proofing with tamper
switch and universal cable
managed bracket.


A fog detection input on the iFT & iFT-E allows PRO E-Series detectors to operate in poor visibility. When two PRO E PIR detectors are paired in an intelligent double-knock there are two options available to improve the detectors performance.


ADPRO PRO E Integration
Designed for integration with the Xtralis ADPRO iFT Series, Pro-Watch, MAXPRO VMS, and Vindicator.






Intelligent communication via the Xtralis High-Level Interface (HLI) over RS485 and/or IP-module enables the Xtralis ADPRO iFT Series to receive and handle all alarms generated by the PRO E-PIR.






PRO E-PIR combined with Pro-Watch, MAXPRO VMS and Vindicator maximize detection performance and minimze false alarms.









ADPRO iTrace, is a downloadable Apple & Android application for the RMG portfolio that enables a user to remotely manage, monitor, and protect a site from anywhere.  ADPRO iPIR, is a downloadable Apple application for use with the PRO detectors to enable wireless walk-testing and remote parameter adjustment to be carried out on-site by just one person, ensuring accurate alignment and correct operation of PRO detectors.



ADPRO PRO E Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Benefits
Through reduced hardware, easier and faster installation, and reduced cabling, installers can achieve more than 65% savings per project versus Active IR systems.



Using the PRO E-400H SLR reduces the number of poles, detectors, and cabling required for an installation,

resulting in more than 40% cost savings versus competing PIR systems.




Reliable PIR protection anywhere with a wireless solution to further reduce cost of installation through reduced cabling.




iCommission enables one-man, quick & easy commissioning and maintenance.



ADPRO PRO E Documentation
This documentation contains brief information including features & benefits, target applications, software, tools, and ordering information to aid in making a purchasing and installation decision.


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