Xtralis Corporate Citizenship

Xtralis is a company with a conscience, starting with our mission: developing life safety and security solutions so that lives and invaluable assets, including landmarks unique to the world’s cultures, are safe from fires and other physical threats. From here, we concern ourselves with the communities in which our employees live and work, as well as the overall environment and our carbon footprint.

Corporate Philanthropy

Our employees are involved with many causes and charities all over the world. From fundraising runs/walks to collecting clothes or toys for those in need, our employees are very generous to and active in their local communities.

Xtralis appreciates opportunities to reinforce our employees’ generosity by making monetary contributions to select charities upon request and enabling flexible work schedules to accommodate participation in fundraising events or charity drives.

Environmental Initiatives

Xtralis is passionate about the environment and does everything possible to ensure that our life safety and security products and processes are “green.” For example, the early warning fire detection solutions we manufacture minimize fire damage so less smoke and fewer toxic gases and fire-extinguishing chemicals are released into the atmosphere. The reliability and longevity of these products also reduce electrical and electronic waste.


We routinely redesign our products ahead of global standards to reduce their environmental impacts. And as more customers require green solutions, we believe our research and development in this area will provide significant competitive advantage. In fact, the use of Xtralis solutions in the design and construction of green buildings can play an important role in LEED certification.

Finally, we endeavor to work with like-minded vendors and minimize waste across our operations. Xtralis recycles office supplies and ships our products in patented, biodegradable cardboard that we helped develop. If our products are too heavy for cardboard packaging, then we use polyethylene, a clean-burning plastic that is easily recycled. 


By consolidating IT operations worldwide, including infrastructure, equipment and support services, we were able to reduce our annual power and cooling costs by more than $65,000, subsequently reducing our carbon footprint. Our achievements in sustainable technology usage and corporate social responsibility also earned Xtralis a Green CIO Award.


VESDA Educate Program

Xtralis will donate a VESDA aspirating smoke detector education kit free of charge to qualifying educational programs. The education kit contains a VESDA detector and other necessary hardware, training manuals, videos and presentations. In addition, we will provide assistance from one of our fire industry experts if needed.

Those educational programs eligible for participation must teach adults about fire detection, fire prevention or fire science – including fire science departments at tertiary institutes, fire training programs run by fire associations, or agent training courses offered by insurers. For more information about VESDA Educate, contact your local Xtralis office.


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