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VESDA Smoke+

According to tests observed & verified by independent experts, VESDA is the best ASD system available. With VESDA-E, Xtralis has taken the standard for ASD systems to a new level of excellence. Our patented Flair™ technology delivers innovation that makes VESDA-E better than even the best (VESDA)! Click here to learn more.


  • Future-proof expandability & field programmability for maximum flexibility
  • StaX Modules allow for hardware expansion without disrupting the detector installation or pipe network
  • Integrated gas detection provides a superior solution at half the cost of competing solutions
  • Xapps available through the Xtralis Xchange allow for rapid & remote field-programming of detectors with VESDA analytics

VESDA Analytics

  • DieselTrace™ Analytics: Environmental Monitoring & Reduction of Nuisance Alarms
  • WireTrace ™ Analytics: Extremely early detection of electrical faults with instant alerts – hours before adaptive-based ASD detectors
  • DustTrace™ Analytics: Dust Rejection . Dust Monitoring . Dust Alerts

VESDA Verify

  • Provides unprecedented situational awareness that drastically reduces verification time and delivers more efficient & effective response without nuisance alarms
  • Addressability: VESDA Offer Different Addressability Solutions For Different Applications
  • Different Solutions to Pinpoint Location of Fire Incident results in quicker and more efficient response
  • ADPRO SmokeTrace™: Visual verification of Smoke

VESDA Connect

  • Flexible networking & programming options that reduce maintenance & monitoring costs by up to 50% through extensive connectivity options & remote diagnostics
  • Enables connectivity with Xtralis VSC, VSM4, Xtralis EMS as well as providing an embedded
    webserver and E-mail alerts
  • VESDA WiFi: Integration of wireless 802.11n enables connectivity with hand-held iOS and Android devices
  • VESDA USB: Easily connect to a PC for configuration and maintenance or USB flash drive for data collection
  • VESDAnet & Relays: Connect up to 200 VESDA-E devices on a single loop


  • VESDA-E provides lifetime of value, reliability, & protection – with VESDA-E you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 15%!
  • Plug & play installation provides improved installation experience & reduced installation cost
  • Design-less pipe networks offer the fastest time to VESDA protection… ever!
  • Vast monitoring options allow efficient integration to business process and emergency response plans
  • Backward compatible : easy upgrade while protecting your investment
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