The Honeywell Performance, equIP, & HDZ series IP cameras combined with the XO 4 enabled FastTrace 2E & iFT Series expands a growing portfolio of video technology to help security professionals more easily design connected building systems. These solutions are designed to improve ease of use for operators, simplify installation for security professionals, and provide higher-quality video to help protect facilities.  


Honeywell Performance Series IP Cameras

Honeywell has expanded its Performance Series IP Family to include a new lineup of affordable, high-quality IP cameras that are easy to install, use and maintain. The lineup introduces seven new 1.3 & 3 MP IP cameras in dome, ball, and bullet design that integrate with Xtralis XO 4 enabled FastTrace 2E & iFT Series, perfect for office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses.


Camera Features:
Better Performance: 1.3 & 3 MP resolution images capture crisp, clear accurate detail for evidentiary purposes.
Reduce Installation Time: Motorized Focal Zoom (MFZ) technology cameras (Models: HBD3PR2 / H4D3PRV2) auto focus from Camera Web UI after FOV is set, saving install time.
Superior Image Quality: excellent low light performance offers less noise than competition reducing bandwidth consumption.
Optimized Storage: high codec efficiency on 3 MP camera models saves >20% storage space versus competition.
IP 1.3 MP/3 MP True Day/Night
IR Indoor/Outdoor Ball Camera
IP 1.3 MP/3 MP True Day/Night
IR Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera
IP 3 MP True Day/Night IR Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Mini Dome Camera Accessories
• H4D3PRV2
• H4D3PRV3
• HB34S2-CM


View the Performance Series Reference Sheet


Honeywell equIP® Camera Series

Honeywell’s redefined IP cameras feature a simplified user interface with full integration to recording devices with new technology that makes checking the status of your system faster and easier. Designed to meet your customer’s security needs, Honeywell’s equIP cameras integrate with Xtralis XO 4 enabled FastTrace 2E & iFT Series for a complete, fully integrated IP solution. This portfolio is ideal for critical infrastructure, enterprise, & high-end SMB applications.


equIP Camera Features:
Full Line of IP Cameras with Integration: indoor WDR IR mini domes, outdoor WDR IR rugged cameras, WDR IR rugged bullets, and Ultra Low Light WDR box cameras up to 4 MP all from a single manufacturer to fulfill your customer’s needs.
New, Simplified GUI Design: save time and money by reducing training hours with the simple and consistent user interface in all of the cameras.
Reduce Installation Time: by eliminating manual zoom process and focus at the cameras with convenient software adjustment and with auto-discovery of Honeywell and ONVIF cameras.
Indoor WDR IR Minidome IP Cameras Outdoor WDR IR Rugged IP Cameras
• H3W2GR1
• H3W2GR2
• H3W4GR1
• H4L2GR1
• H4W2GR1
• H4W2GR2
• H4W4GR1
WDR IR Rugged IP Bullet Cameras Ultra Low Light WDR IP Box Cameras
equIP Camera Lenses equIP Mounts
• HLM105V42MPD
• HB34G-CM
• HD3-MK2


View the equIP Series Reference Sheet


Honeywell HDZ Infra-red IP PTZ Camera Series

The latest HDZ PTZ is a great addition to Honeywell’s family of IP-based products. The high-definition, True Day/Night WDR IR PTZ cameras provide extremely crisp video with up to 2 million effective pixels and 30x optical zoom models for continuous surveillance in both outdoor and indoor applications. Honeywell’s HDZ Infra-red IP PTZ cameras integrate with Xtralis XO 4 enabled FastTrace 2E & iFT Series and is ideally suited for large-scale surveillance in cities, roadways, airports, government facilities, schools and campuses, industrial environments and anywhere detailed surveillance is essential.


Camera Features:
Superior Image Quality: Zoom proportional Infrared tracking beam with true day/night and WDR provides excellent low-light performance with 3D noise reduction maximizing efficiency of bandwidth usage.
Wide Range of Outdoor Applications: extended temperature range (-40° to 70°C) with rugged all metal housing with wiper or IK10 models.
Flexible Surveillance Solution: ONVIF Profile S compliant that can be retrofitted on many existing DVR/NVR installations including XO 4 full compliancy.
Outdoor PTZ IR Ultra Low Light IP Cameras PTZ Dome Cameras Mounts


View the HDZ Series Reference Sheet

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The supported Performance – Low Light – PTZ Honeywell IP cameras provide squashed 4:3 aspect ratio low-resolution streams.1  When used in combination with high-resolution (Live/Recorded) streams with XO 4, be advised that VCA parameters (IntrusionTrace, LoiterTrace, and SmokeTrace) are skewed and will influence the analytics’ behavior. Make sure that bounding box calibration is done before using VCA on these cameras. For instructions, see the XOa Client Software User Manual (Doc #: 21796). The concerned camera models are: H4L2GR1, HBL2GR1, HCL2G, HDZ302LIW, HDZ302LIK, HED1PR3, HBD1PR1, HED3PR3, HBD3PR1, HBD3PR2, H4D3PRV2, and H4D3PRV3.


The supported EquIP Honeywell IP cameras provide cropped 4:3 aspect ratio low-resolution streams.1When used in combination with XO 4, be aware that parts of the FOV (due to cropping) are not taken into account for the VCA (IntrusionTrace, LoiterTrace, and SmokeTrace); so detection in these lost parts will not occur. The concerned camera models are: H4W2GR1, H4W2GR2, H4W4GR1, H3W2GR1, H3W2GR2, H3W4GR1, HBW4GR1, HCW2G, and HCW4G.)


*Please note: When using the equIP and Performance series with Xtralis analytics applications, please disable the IR LEDS and use separate IR illumination to avoid attracting insects close to the lens.


1Please contact Honeywell/ADPRO technical support for future Firmware updates on Honeywell IP cameras and XO Software availability to eliminate this limitation. Please consult the IP Camera List (Doc # 26742) for the latest IP Camera firmware version that is required.

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