Remote Monitoring/Central Monitoring Stations

The ADPRO by Xtralis multi-site security solution provides reliable, remote monitoring so security threats can be detected, assessed and responded to quickly with minimal false alarms. Then security officers and/or local authorities can be deployed efficiently. The quicker an incident is detected and transmitted, the lower the level of potential disruption and damage to property and assets.

If an incident is detected with one of the ADPRO  perimeter security technologies, our range of video and audio transmitters/recorders will transmit high-quality images to a remote security monitoring center or mobile handset so operators can see exactly what is happening and initiate the appropriate response. 

The ADPRO remote video monitoring product line is a leading platform with a proven track record of proactive technology for loss prevention and cost reduction for end users. It provides an end-to-end solution, giving central monitoring stations new ways to save their customers money through security officer replacement and improved security and provide proactive response to situations as they occur, resulting in loss prevention and greater security for personnel.


The advanced suite of ADPRO remote monitoring solutions includes:

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