ASIM by Xtralis Intelligent Traffic Detectors

ASIM by Xtralis intelligent traffic detectors are proven solutions for both accurate traffic data acquisition on highways, as well as dependable vehicle and pedestrian detection for intersection control. They work reliably in a wide range of outdoor conditions.

Xtralis offers traffic detection solutions for improving the safety, security and efficiency of highways, arterial roads and intersections, including traffic data acquisition and intersection control. Depending on the application, ASIM by Xtralis traffic detectors use a variety of technologies for optimum performance.




Doppler Radar/Microwave (MW)
Microwave detectors emit focused high-frequency signals within a specified frequency band in the GHz region. A vehicle moving into or through the detection area reflects the signals back to the detector. From the Doppler shift between the emitted and received frequency, the direction and speed of a vehicle can be determined with great accuracy.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors
PIR detectors sense the slightest changes in thermal radiation contrasts against the background, resulting from any moving object or body in the field of view. ASIM PIR traffic detectors are available for request and extension of green phase in traffic dependent intersection control applications, as well as for counting, occupancy measurement, presence detection, queue detection, speed assessment and classification by vehicle length.

Ultrasonic (US)
Ultrasonic detectors emit high-frequency acoustic signal bursts beyond the audible range of humans and most animals. A vehicle moving into or through the detection area reflects the signals back to the detector. The distance to the surface of a vehicle is measured from the travel time of the ultrasonic bursts. As a result of this active measurement, the presence of standing vehicles can be detected and continuously monitored, unlike with PIR or radar sensors, which require movement. It also allows for precise counting and classification when combined with other technologies.

Combined Technologies
By combining two or more traffic detection technologies in a single detector, optimized solutions for a variety of applications become possible. Such products, including the ASIM DT 351 and ASIM DT 372, are particularly useful in more demanding applications such as stop bar presence or traffic data acquisition.




Traffic Data Acquisition (TDA)
TDA refers to the counting and speed assessment of traffic, as well as classification by vehicle length or type, for a variety of permanent and temporary applications. ASIM combination detectors are mounted above the observed lane, while multi-channel PIR detectors also can be mounted on poles at their sides (except the TT 29x family). Data transfer occurs by two-way RS 485 bus. Ultra low-power PIR detectors for solar-powered installations are also available, as well as triple technology detectors for accurate traffic data acquisition, including speed and vehicle class for statistics applications.

Intersection Control (ISC)
For intersection control, our detectors use various technologies to safely recognize vehicles or pedestrians. Direction, speed or lane-selective operation enables precise traffic-dependent requests and extensions of green phases. Additional applications include counting, time-gap recognition or presence detection of vehicles waiting at the stop line.

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