HeiTel by Xtralis Remote Monitoring & CMS Solutions

For more than 20 years, the HeiTel by Xtralis core competence has been remote video transmission and recording along with video alarm management solutions. The consistent optimization of HeiTel products for both a broad range of CCTV applications and the specific needs of professional Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) has made HeiTel the best known brand for software-based video alarm solutions worldwide: Over 600 CMS use HeiTel software solutions and more than 90,000 HeiTel by Xtralis systems are in operation.


Don’t just record crime. Prevent crime



With ordinary video surveillance systems, it is expected that they will record the pictures delivered by the video cameras, and that these recordings can then later be analyzed for evaluating or explaining crimes and other incidences.

HeiTel by Xtralis video technology can do a lot more than merely document crimes. Our product philosophy follows the rule of thumb of not only recording property and capital crimes, but also being proactive in preventing them and the associated damage they cause.

Here, video intervention plays a key role. In contrast to traditional intervention that uses task forces (manned guarding, Police etc.) that must first reach the site under surveillance; video intervention can be applied immediately. With the help of high quality live pictures and audio transmission to the site, potential perpetrators can, for example, be addressed directly and be chased away with the use of audible verbal warnings from the operators. Consequently, damage to the site can be prevented from the start.

Remote Monitoring with Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateways (RMG)

The Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway Portfolio includes CamDisc E with HD recording for up to 4 IP camera channels with up to 4 video content analytic channels for stationary installations; CamDisc E 4/10M with HD recording for up to 4 or 10 IP channels with up to 4 video content analytics for mobile installations; CamDisc+ E 4/10 with HD recording for up to 4 or 10 IP camera channels with up to 10 analogue channels and up to 4 video content analytic channels; and ipVG with HD recording for up to 10 IP cameras with up to 8 video content analytic channels.  The entire portfolio supports IntrusionTrace, an intrusion detection analytic for sterile zone monitoring and ships with the new XOh Remotely Programmable SecurityPlus Operating System firmware.    


Video Analytics

The RMG family supports up to 8 channels of video content analytics depending on the RMG platform you select.  The Xtralis IntrusionTrace application provides high performance intrusion detection using video analytics specificlly designed for 24/7 outdoor operation in challenging environments.  IntrusionTrace is available for remote download & deployment via Xtralis Xchange. 

From Free Apps to CMS Solutions
The CamControl software family and the Event Management System (EMS) software offer the right application for everyone, ranging from free-of-cost Smartphone application for private users to the MultiView videowall software or the Server/Client-based video alarm management system for professional monitoring centers.


EMS can operate with the HeiTel by Xtralis & ADPRO Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway Portfolio (HeiTel ipVG, ADPRO FastTrace 2E, ADPRO iFT, & ADPRO iFT-E) including the video analytic products IntrusionTrace, IntrusionTrace PLUS and LoiterTrace.

The HeiTel SDK (Software Development Kit) and HeiTel Web API (Application Programming Interface) also enable the integration of HeiTel video technology with existing third-party central station alarm management and video alarm management software.

HeiTel's own technology such as HTconnect®, HTcompress® or HTprotect® standardise cross-product customer requirements with strict compliance of data protection right aspects and simultaneously certify intelligent and innovative communication technology. HTconnect® is an innovative communication technique that overcomes the problems of both dynamically assigned IP addresses and of firewalls that the customer is reluctant to configure. Additionally it provides constant end to end monitoring of the IP signal between monitoring station and our RMGs.

Industries and Applications
To date HeiTel by Xtralis solutions have been installed in more than:


  • 30,000 systems in retail shops and franchises
  • 10,000 systems in banks
  • 5,000 systems in car parks
  • 5,000 systems in private homes
  • 3,000 systems in amusement arcades
  • 3,000 systems in gas stations
  • 2,000 systems in public transportation
  • 1,000 systems in nursing services




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