Xtralis OEM Program

Enhance the performance and reliability of your products and help your customers prevent downtime due to a thermal event by integrating Xtralis VESDA or Xtralis ICAM air-sampling smoke detection into your equipment. By adding this technology to your products, you can add significant value and gain competitive advantage that would otherwise take considerable development effort.

Benefits to You
Xtralis VESDA and Xtralis ICAM fire detection technology provides protection for unforeseen and anomalous conditions, enabling you to exceed your customers’ operational expectations. Most important, our understanding of equipment protection issues and our experience in integrating our market-leading technologies enable you to concentrate on your core business. We will work with you to reduce risk and ensure the shortest time to market for a wide range of applications through:

  • Risk management consulting
  • Fire industry regulation advice and testing
  • Future standards compliance advice and technical committee representation
  • Thermal and fire event prevention and response strategies
  • Systems architecture, design and integration consulting
  • Manufacturing and supply logistics with expertise in "on demand supply" manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Customer care and support planning

Benefits to Your Customers
The best opportunity to detect and control a fire is during the earliest stage of fire development, known as the incipient stage. By becoming an Xtralis OEM partner and incorporating advanced fire detection into your equipment, you can configure it to generate both an “alert” and “pre-alarm” within the incipient stage, giving your customers time to minimize or prevent loss of life and property in the event of a fire.

OEM Applications
Xtralis very early warning smoke detectors are integrated in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Computing and data storage cabinets to provide the earliest possible detection of overheating components
  • Train air conditioning systems to provide tamper-proof and highly sensitive smoke detection
  • Power supply equipment to provide very early smoke detection in power sub stations.

The value of integrating very early warning fire detection can be realized through a wide range of other applications spanning many industries, such as:


Semiconductor Equipment

  • Ion implanters
  • Wet benches
  • Photolithography equipment
  • Diffusion and deposition furnaces
  • Stockers
  • Track and spin coaters

Information Technology Equipment

  • Hi-end computing and data storage cabinets
  • Automated tape libraries
  • Networking equipment
  • Large mainframes/servers
  • HVAC return air monitoring 

Power Supply Equipment 

  • Power conversion/transformer cabinets
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Motor control centers
  • Electrical control and switch rooms
  • Turbines
  • Battery systems

Critical and High Value Equipment

  • Transport systems
  • Flight simulators
  • Test chambers
  • Document storage and archive vaults
  • Robotics systems
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS)
  • CAT/MRI equipment
  • Automated production machinery

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