The Xtralis Culture

Xtralis aims to attract and retain the best associates, recognizing their accomplishments and ensuring they are well prepared for the exciting work that awaits them. We know that our success depends on their success, and we are dedicated to creating a culture and work environments that foster personal growth and exceptional teams.

Four key values help to define the Xtralis culture and ensure our success as the leading provider of powerful, early warning safety and security solutions:

Speed – Everyone is empowered to move fast and aggressively forward in accomplishing their responsibilities.

Commitment – Big or small, we deliver on our commitments.

Communication – Our communication style is open, honest and direct.

Clarity – Each of us must be clear in expressing what we need to get our jobs done. All views are valid and open for discussion as our team works together towards common goals.

Xtralis offers a broad range of benefits to ensure that our associates’ skills are recognized and their accomplishments well rewarded. These benefits include:

  • Competitive salary and attractive benefits packages specific to each region and/or countries within our operating theaters
  • Challenging career opportunities to ensure that individuals and teams get to demonstrate their talents and make significant contributions to the business with an eye toward advancement
  • On-going development opportunities to ensure employees’ skill sets remain current

Employee Recognition
Because we believe our corporate values – speed, commitment, communication and clarify – are critical to our success, Xtralis has instituted a formal employee recognition program that identifies associates who demonstrate these values as they innovate on their jobs. Hence, the Xtralis InNovator Awards are bestowed on two employees from each of our operational theaters every quarter.

Internal Communications
As mentioned, communication is one of our key values. As such, Xtralis has established a multi-faceted internal communications program to keep employees informed and celebrate our unique corporate culture. As the company continues to grow, we want our associates to stay connected, understand our corporate objectives, and realize the important role they play in helping Xtralis achieve success.

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