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ADPRO LoiterTrace

ADPRO LoiterTrace
DPRO LoiterTrace is a downloadable software application for the FastTrace 2 and iFT Series NVR+ Systems that enable real-time, reliable detection of unauthorized loitering in indoor and outdoor monitored areas.  Install LoiterTrace on channels inside & outside to monitor loiter behavior that includes soliciting, begging, vandalism, and theft to identify any prolonged, suspicious loitering that could lead to a potential threat. With simple "region of interest" configuration, and new advanced settings for calibration and tuning, LoiterTrace is a powerful and valuable tool in any crime prevention strategy.  License LoiterTrace on the FastTrace 2 & iFT Series devices with Xtralis Xchange.

  • Designed for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Supported on FastTrace 2 Series, iFT, & iFT-E NVR+ Systems
  • Cost efficient installation
  • Improved detection quality
  • Uncrowded scene application focus
  • Fast installation and commissioning via Xchange
  • Resolution/frame rate independent
  • Adjustable loiter timer to suit most applications
  • Intuitive settings for precise control
  • Effective filters for false alarm suppression
  • Optional calibration for improved performance over a wide 30m field of view
  • Remote servicing
  • Software only add-on
  • Add LoiterTrace to existing IntrusionTrace channels for double-knock protection on up to 16 channels of video (XOa 3 enabled FastTrace 2E and iFT-E that supports 32 channels

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