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Xtralis Xchange

Xtralis Xchange
Xtralis Xchange is an online licensing portal with a downloadable PC application to remotely manage, configure, and exchange xTrace video content analytics licenses to Xtralis platforms.  This Xtralis tool enables 1-step, hassle free, deployment of applications & services to your Xtralis platform and reduces installation time.  Log-on today to access licenses & so much more.    
Xtralis Analytics:    ADPRO: LoiterTrace, IntrusionTrace, & SmokeTrace.  VESDA-E: DustTrace, WireTrace, & DieselTrace

  • What is available?
    • LoiterTrace: detection for unauthorized loitering in indoor & outdoor applications
    • IntrusionTrace: intrusion detection for sterile zone monitoring; i-LIDS® approved as a primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications
    • SmokeTrace: automatic visual verification of smoke
    • PIR-HLI: high-level interface for the ADPROP PRO PIRs enabling intelligent communication
    • XOa 3 SecurityPlus Remotely Programmable Operating System
  • Why Xchange?
    • An evolution of the existing licensing system, it simplifies & streamlines the historical multi-step process and reduces the overall installation time for remote deployment of analytics in 1-step
    • Access 30-day special start-up licenses of LoiterTrace, IntrusionTrace, & SmokeTrace for instant commissioning of the system even in off-line situations

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