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ADPRO iRespond

ADPRO iRespond
ADPRO iRespond, is a remotely downloadable, Apple application for the FastTrace 2 Series, iFT, & iFT-E Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateways (RMG) that provides remote event notification & verification for first responders &/or end users to provide situational awareness through live and timed access into an end site enabled by the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). This free application is available in the Apple app store for iPhone & iPad. This will help First Responders reduce their risk and response time and end-users to provide verification if needed.

  • CMS works with first responders & site owners to download the iRespond application for the app store to their device
  • CMS verifies remote site and finds threat
  • CMS opens case via Video Central Platinum software
  • CMS provides first responder the 6-digit case number
  • First Responder accesses remote site information/video via mobile app by entering case number
  • CMS can follow up on open cases and control availability 

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