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ADPRO ClientTrace

ADPRO ClientTrace
ADPRO ClientTrace is a remotely downloadable, business intelligence application for the FastTrace 2E & iFT Series NVR+ Systems. This application is ideal for car dealerships and big box retailers to monitor consumer behavior and provide business intelligence to salespeople to increase sales and customer engagement to help increase the sales potential. This technology leverages existing cameras and ADPRO FastTrace 2E infrastructure that is already installed and does not require new hardware.  License ClientTrace on the FastTrace 2E & iFT Series with Xtralis Xchange. 

  • ClientTrace identifies the presence of a potential sale within defined zones
  • Reduced sensitivity to false alarms from clouds, reflections, and flags
  • Better detection of people
  • Back office notifies and provides video to salespeople through smartphone (iTrace) or PC (ClientTrace Client Software)
  • Notifies salespeople when potential customers arrive:
    • notifies when customer remains in a zone long enough
    • sends email (with hyperlink to iTrace)
    • produces a popup and beep on the salesperson’s laptop or iDevice
  • One or more detection zones can be assigned to a salesperson
  • Salesperson acknowledges the notification and sees the video pop up
  • Business analysis tool for reporting and printing graphs
    • number of events against time
    • minimum, maximum, and average response times of each salesperson
    • percentage of events in each zone
    • can plot results for a day, a week, a fortnight, a month, a quarter or custom 

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