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Xtralis IntrusionTrace

Xtralis IntrusionTrace
Xtralis IntrusionTrace
Xtralis IntrusionTrace
Xtralis IntrusionTrace
The Xtralis IntrusionTrace™ application provides high performance intrusion detection using video analytics specifically designed for 24/7 outdoor operation. Optimised using footage from thousands of hours of video covering a range of environmental, seasonal and time of day variations, the analytics achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability. With simple “region of interest” configuration for the majority of scenes, IntrusionTrace can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Supporting up to 32* channels on ADPRO devices and up to 8* channels on HeiTel devices, IntrusionTrace complements the powerful recording, transmission, and alarm handling capabilities of these platforms. 

  • High detection probability
  • 24/7 outdoor operation
  • One-person setup
  • Simple region of interest detection
  • Powerful advanced parameters
  • Up to 16 zones or directional areas per channel
  • Sterile zone application focus
  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Software only add-on (licensed)
  • 3D-calibration, no learning time
  • Support for IP and analogue cameras*
  • Flexible licensing system (download and remote provisioning)
  • Remote servicing (immediately)
  • i-LIDS® approved** primary detection system for operational alert used in sterile zone monitoring applications
  • Support for thermal cameras
  • Car Headlight suppression
  • Spider/insect alarm elimination
  • Features that contribute to IntrusionTrace on XOa/XOh devices:
    - Advanced logic to provide double/triple knock with PIR detectors and other alarms
    - Recording modes and ability to tag events for later review (with bounding boxes)
    - I/O and audio talk-down to sites for reacting on IntrusionTrace events


* Hardware dependent

** IntrusionTrace version 1.26 running on FastTrace 2E.


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