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equIP Camera Lenses

equIP Camera Lenses
equIP Camera Lenses
equIP Camera Lenses
equIP Camera Lenses
equIP Camera Lenses
Honeywell is taking quality and reliability to the next level with the equIP® family of lenses and accessories. The Honeywell box camera lenses can be used to install the equIP® line of IP cameras to a variety of surveillance environments to cover a number of distances at high resolution. This lens family enables high definition cameras to maintain clear focus for all focal lengths within the zoom range, under both natural and near-infrared lighting conditions.

Model Numbers: HLM27V12MPD / HLM5V50MPD / HLM37V16MPD / HLM105V42MPD

Today's network IP camera systems demand compact lenses that provide the best optical performance while being easy to install and adjust. Designed especially for low light capability, this lens family offers the most compact size in the market while maintaining the widest maximum apertures for a given focal length range. It offers the ability to provide a high contrast, sharp, detailed picture of the subject in daylight and in low light, allowing identification of a subject rather than just observation.


Featuring world-class design, these megapixel lenses bring together the highest quality aspherical glass optics, lightweight construction, and durability to ensure state-of-the-art optical correction, transmission, and light-gathering ability.


Vari-focal length lenses allow the installer to quickly and easily obtain the exact field of view, eliminating lens substitutions or the need to continuously adjust the camera setup. This is especially convenient for future changes to the viewing environment.


Market Opportunities
Lens selection is the most critical element in any IP Network CCTV installation. Honeywell's complete line of IR Corrected Vari-focal lenses provides the highest quality, reliability and ease of installation. In addition to extraordinary low-light functionality, Honeywell’s day/night lenses are compact, lightweight, and easy to install, making them perfect for use with True Day/Night cameras. The day/night vari-focal lenses are ideal in outdoor installations (outdoor housing required) such as parking lots, ports, and other areas where low light imaging is important.

  • 4 MP and 12 MP performance offers the ability to provide a high contrast, sharp detailed picture of the subject in daylight and low light, allowing identification of a subject rather than just observation
  • Focal length ranges from 2.7 - 12 mm, 5 - 50 mm, 3.7 - 16 mm, or 10.5 - 42 mm,
  • Uniform focus under both natural and near-infrared lighting conditions
  • High-accuracy aspheric glass lens having a low dispersion and a high-refractive index for optimum performance
  • IR corrected Vari-focal lens ensures that focus shift does not occur when the camera switches between color and monochrome modes
  • Equipped with a CS-type metal mount
  • Lightweight and compatible with 1/3", 1/2.7" and 1/2.8" type image sensors

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