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AspireSDS (ASPIRE Smoke Detection Simulation)

AspireSDS by Xtralis provides an intuitive Windows®-based interface for preparing FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) input files along with a unique data converter for importing aspirating smoke detector layout and performance parameters from ASPIRE2 by Xtralis into FDS. The AspireSDS tool dramatically increases programming speed and efficiency and eliminates syntax errors/typos, allowing end users, fire consultants and engineers to model ASD technology in many complicated applications more accurately and with greater confidence. Please note that AspireSDS is not a newer version of ASPIRE2 pipe design and modeling software, nor is it a CFD fire modeling software package for fire simulations.

Model Numbers: VSW-090

  • Develop FDS models with all environmental parameters:
    • Mesh and boundaries
    • Objects, Holes (doors and windows), Vents
    • Surface parameters
  • Materials and fire properties
  • Control functions
  • Detection device entries
  • Automated Xtralis ASD design input

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