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ADPRO VideoWall

ADPRO VideoWall
The ADPRO VideoWall provides live video displays from multiple ADPRO-equipped sites simultaneously. It is an add-on to ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum, enabling up to four VideoWall systems to be linked in a flexible viewing and monitor configuration.

  • Live display of video from multiple sites simultaneously
  • Support for ADPRO FastTrace 2 Hybrid, ADPRO FastTrace, ADPRO FastTx, ADPRO FastVu and ADPRO FastScan
  • Up to 4 VideoWall PCs with 4 monitors per PC
  • Flexible monitor configuration for each VideoWall PC camera, and monitor configurations can be saved and loaded easily
  • Simple transfer of cameras between VideoWall and VideoCentral user interfaces
  • Displays up to 320 cameras simultaneously
  • System manages communications links to ensure alarm capability is not compromised
  • License required for each ADPRO VideoWall

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