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Cam4mobile VG

Cam4mobile VG
Ruggedised digital video recording and transmission system for mobile applications with 4 or 10 analogue or IP cameras

Model Numbers: 4, 4c, 10s

  • Suitable for transport vehicles (e.g. armoured cars)
  • Suitable for transport vehicles (e.g. armoured cars)
  • Compatible with remote monitoring centres
  • 10s-version offers real-time video recording
  • Long-term recording onto removable hard disk with adaptive multi-track management
  • Image-synchronous display of IBIS data and fast, event-related data search function
  • Interface for GPS receiver units for image-synchronous recording and transmission of position, direction and speed
  • Display of vehicle position by means of graphic display within cartographic programmes
  • Integrated Multi-Unicast server supporting multiple simultaneous network and dial-up connections
  • Integrated Web server for up to 4 IP-connections, enabling video transmission and camera control on a PC/Smartphone/Handheld using standard Web browsers
  • Hybrid functionality with manufacturer-neutral compatibility for analogue and IP cameras
  • ONVIF compatible with selected IP cameras
  • Camera selective resolution with up to 720 x 288 pixel and megapixel resolution with IP-cameras
  • Data transmission via USB interface
  • Manual or event-triggered connection for live video transmission from and to remote monitoring centres
  • Camera position authentication and camera specific alarming of video loss with analogue cameras
  • HTconnect enables unrestricted, but safe access over the Internet to Firewall protected video systems (also with dynamic IP-addresses) in private nets. Additionally HTconnect controls permanently the availability of the entire system from public net over private net to video transmitters
  • Event-triggered dial-up connections by alarm contact, motion detection (depending on type of IP cameras), technical alarm, and routine call
  • Evaluation of recordings via time/date/ text and alarm and motion searches assisted by graphical analysis
  • Extensive image export functions for single images and video sequences including image authentication tool
  • Up to 5 privacy zones per analogue camera, can be configured for just live or both live and recorded images
  • Removable hard disk drive for offline evaluation via PC compatible USB adapter kit
  • Integrated bidirectional audio transmission and recording onto removable hard disk
  • Remote playback of pre-recorded audio tracks (e.g. to adress intruder on premises)
  • Enhanced temperature- and voltage-range with integrated power supply for all onboard cameras
  • Compact design, suitable for surface, flush and ceiling mounting
  • 3-dimensional mounting (horizontal, vertical, sideways)
  • Resistance-monitored alarm inputs
  • BS 8418 compliant
  • Shock/Vibration Approval EN 61373 (EN 50155)

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