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CamControl MV

CamControl MV
CamControl MV is a video wall software for the display of up to 64 IP-based live video streams from up to 64 different video transmitters with a freely definable layout on up to 4 monitors. The simultaneous display of up to 64 IP and analogue cameras (live video streams) can be arranged in any order on one or more screens. The software can also display up to 4 virtual monitors on one actual screen. An unlimited amount of user-specific profiles can be generated and filed. The allocation and placing of the cameras resp. camera images within the monitor is done with an layout interface and can be easily generated for specific applications by the user himself.

  • Video wall software for the display of up to 64 live video streams with a freely definable layout on up to 4 monitors
  • Operator management for adding, changing and deleting operators and flexible option of permission settings for different operators
  • Simultaneous display of up to 64 IP and analogue cameras (live video streams)
  • Up to 64 simultaneous connections to separate image transmitters
  • Up to 4 virtual monitors with individual layout profiles can be displayed on several screens
  • Four level picture quality adjustment, for live images from analogue cameras
  • Digital zoom of analogue and IP cameras with maximum magnification of 8 times using mouse wheel and option to move the image section by holding and shifting the mouse cursor
  • Easy creation of individual monitor layouts with up to 64 differently-sized windows
  • Automatic, motionsensitive visual and audible signalling of video motion alarms in a separate motion event monitor including a detailed list of events and all relevant video sequences
  • System status and function profile are indicated within the respective camera window
  • Auto-reconnect in event of connection loss/communication error
  • Constant activity monitoring of the cameras displayed
  • Synchronous playback of recordings with individually adjustable playback speeds of up to 2 cameras from different local archives
  • Automatic or selective adjustment of the different frame refresh frequencies
  • Camera-specific visual and auditive notification of events
  • Quick-look investigation window with maximised frame refresh frequency
  • Camera-specific quick search with time-line slider
  • Quick search in two camera windows simultaneously
  • Time controlled switching between different MultiView display profiles
  • Intuitive control and operation of PTZ cameras
  • Remote switching of relays via on screen buttons
  • Small network load with HTcompress®
  • Online evaluation of Site Archive sequences
  • Network-based, digital matrix function
  • Print and export option of individual archive images in JPEG or bitmap image formats
  • Audio support in both ‘Live image mode’ and ‘investigative site archive’ playback mode
  • Export of image and audio archive data via the investigative site archive evaluation feature
  • Optional password protection of the export archive as well as extensive operator management

Product images and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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