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HeiTel Event Management System (EMS)

HeiTel Event Management System (EMS)
The HeiTel by Xtralis Event Management System (EMS) is an autonomous multi-site video security management software application for central monitoring stations or command & control centers  designed to monitor video and audio from remote sites fitted with ADPRO video transmission systems or HeiTel by Xtralis remote transmission and digital recording systems.  This alarm management tool includes dynamic alarm processing and alarm database.

Integration with:

  1. ADPRO FastTrace 2/2E Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway (RMG)
  2. ADPRO IntrusionTrace
  3. ADPRO LoiterTrace
  4. HeiTel by Xtralis CamTel VG Series
  5. HeiTel by Xtralis CamServer VG Series
  6. HeiTel by Xtralis CamDisc VG/SVR Series
  7. HeiTel by Xtralis Cam4mobile VG Series

  • Support of HeiTel VideoGateway and ADPRO FastTrace 2/2E series
  • Automatic connection by transmitter-side alarms, freely-programmable observation tours and service function
  • Multi-Site functionality for simultaneous connection for up to 50 video transmitters
  • Customer-specific event notification at global and customer-specific levels
  • Enhanced, colour display for identification of events and/or sender priorities
  • User-sensitive password management with individually configurable user rights and definable password validity period
  • Colour coded alarm categories
  • HTconnect enables unrestricted, but safe access over the Internet to Firewall protected video systems (alsowith dynamic IP addresses) in private nets. Additionally HTconnect controls permanently the availability of HeiTel VideoGateways over public or private networks
  • Operation, alarm verification and configuration for an infinite number of video transmitters
  • The Pre-Alarm Viewer allows the operator in case of an alarm to automatically receive the complete preandpost-alarm video sequences simultaneously to the live images of up to three cameras
  • HThealth-check allows live monitoring of system status and GPS position (incl. arm/disarm status, hard diskerrors, hardware issues, video loss indication, device temperature, IP line monitoring (HTconnect) andfirmware version)
  • Geo-fencing tool for mobile VideoGateways allows defining and monitoring of a. o. speed limits, no-go areas, no-leave areas and arrival areas, all visualized live on graphical map
  • High-Level Integration (HLI) of ADPRO PRO/PRO E PIRs including evaluation of all alarm and status information of the detectors by the HeiTel VideoGateway
  • Zone-selective alarm evaluation with automatic triggering of the event-relevant camera, automatic andzone-selective positioning
  • Collective, one-go firmware update procedure for selectable VideoGateways
  • Integrated multi-leveled Site Map management tool for interactive operation and display of all relevant basicfunctions
  • Receiver-side event logging of important basic functions such as user activities, user-specific entries, alarms, technical alerts etc.
  • Full database search, e.g. according to date, time and installation site specific criteria with customise danalysis functionality for events and archive video recordings
  • Alarm-specific action plans on customer, location and transmitter level with email functionality for completed missions
  • Integrated logging and documentation functions with report and list print out of logs as well as email functionality for logs and alarm protocols
  • Fully automated site tours, both individually and weekly programmable
  • Decentralised master database holding all data related to the customer, the site and the video transmitters (e.g. contact data of key-holder, installer, police, fire brigade, medical support)
  • Configurable client operator rights allows for the decentralised maintenance of the master database as well as the administration and configuration of any remote site
  • Intuitive operation thanks to categorised tree view or list view
  • Automatic storage of all received videos in the central receiver archive
  • Multi video display with automatic transmitter detection
  • Relay control per transmitter to operate lighting, gates etc.
  • Remote configuration
  • Multilingual user interface (DE, EN, ES, PT, ZH Traditional, ZH Simplified, RU, PL)
  • Optional EMS TAPI and EMS Site Map

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