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Xtralis Event Management System (EMS) Software

Xtralis Event Management System (EMS) Software
The Xtralis Event Management System (EMS) is an autonomous multi-site video security management software application for central monitoring stations or command & control centers  designed to monitor video and audio from remote sites fitted with ADPRO video transmission systems or HeiTel by Xtralis remote transmission and digital recording systems.  This alarm management tool includes dynamic alarm processing and alarm database.

Integration with:

  1. ADPRO FastTrace 2/2E Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway (RMG)
  2. ADPRO IntrusionTrace
  3. ADPRO LoiterTrace
  4. ADPRO SmokeTrace
  5. HeiTel by Xtralis CamTel VG Series
  6. HeiTel by Xtralis CamServer VG Series
  7. HeiTel by Xtralis CamDisc VG/SVR Series
  8. HeiTel by Xtralis Cam4mobile VG Series

  • Compatible with all HeiTel video transmitters as well as the FastTrace 2/2E RMG platforms
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multi-site functionality for simultaneous connection for up to 50 video transmitters
  • Operation, alarm verification and configuration for an infinite number of video transmitters
  • Integrated multi-leveled site map management tool for interactive operation and display of all relevant basic functions
  • Customer-specific event notification at global and customer-specific levels
  • Color coded alarm categories
  • Receiver-side event logging of important basic functions such as user activities, user-specific entries, alarms, technical alerts etc.
  • Full database search, e.g. according to date, time and installation site specific criteria with customized analysis functionality for events and archive video recordings
  • Alarm-specific action plans on customer, location and transmitter level with email functionality for completed missions
  • Remote configuration, for all HeiTel systems installed to date

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