Life Safety Solutions from Xtralis

Xtralis has a well established reputation for developing & deploying innovative and reliable life safety solutions for early threat detection. Because of our deep expertise in fire science technology, the world’s top brands, governments, and industries turn to Xtralis to protect their employees, property, and continuity of operations.

Xtralis intelligent life safety solutions are uniquely suited for optimal operation across a variety of industries. Each of these industries has special considerations, unique applications and challenging environments, especially those that have zero tolerance for incidents.


At Xtralis we believe the sooner you know, the safer you are. That's why all our products are designed for very early and reliable detection. Our detection solutions provide an unprecedented level of reliability to guarantee detection and eliminate the possibility of false alarms. Xtralis life safety solutions provide the very earliest warning of a threat to ensure proper action can be taken to save lives, assets and maintain business continuity.


Xtralis revolutionized very early warning smoke detection with VESDA aspirating smoke detection (ASD) technology. As the pioneer of ASD with more than 3 decades of experience, we have unprecedented expertise and applications knowledge. We also offer new innovations like OSID, an optical imaging smoke detector ideally suited for large open areas.


VESDA systems can be seamlessly equipped to actively detect gas leaks and continuously monitor air quality. An ECO gas detector can be attached to a large-bore ASD pipe network to detect hazardous/combustible gases that pose unseen threats. For VESDA VEA, XCL gas detectors added to the micro-bore tubes for similar capability. Both of these gas detection solutions require no construction or additional piping and do not involve installing electrical conduit.


Schedule a VESDA Lunch & Learn.

A VESDA Lunch and Learn presentation covers the major design aspects of a revolutionary addressable aspirating system (including relevant codes and standards), Advanced Detection products and/or their application in specific markets and case studies. We will provide tea/lunch with a technical exposé on how our very early warning detection products would provide cost savings and the earliest detection for each of your vertical markets.