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Xtralis training services help you boost your knowledge of advanced fire detection and its applications. This way, you can simplify installation, maintenance, and use of aspirating smoke detection and other advanced detectors -- saving time and money.

Whether you are an Engineered System Distributor (ESD), System Integrator (SI), dealer, channel partner, consultant, or end user, we have the right product and industry-specific training for you. Welcome to Xtralis University! Through this online Learning Management System (LMS) you will discover all our virtual and on-demand training options.

Discover Xtralis University

Our training courses provide valuable insight into installation, maintenance, and use of our industry-leading products, including:

  • VESDA-E & VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • VESDA Sensepoint XCL Aspirating Gas Detection
  • VESDA ASPIRE Software
  • VESDA VSM4 Software
  • Li-ion Tamer GEN 3
  • OSID-DE and OSID-R Open-area Smoke Detectors

What’s the Right Xtralis Training for Me?

Xtralis University’s LMS gives you access to a variety of training courses, enabling you to improve your product expertise. You can choose from multiple online on-demand and instructor-led options to boost your knowledge and obtain certifications. To discover more of our comprehensive online training offerings, visit Xtralis University.

In the Americas? Pay online as you go with credit card payment options available.

VESDA Accreditation Training

Our offering includes VESDA accreditation training for channel partners who wish to sell, design, Aspire, install, commission, and maintain VESDA and VESDA-E detection systems. Trainings are offered either on-demand or as a two to three-day instructor led course several times per year in each of our regions – Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. We can also provide a single-day course on design for sales engineers, designers, specifiers, and consultants or a single-day course on engineering for installation, commissioning, or maintenance engineers.

VESDA Air Sampling Smoke Detection Recertification Training

This course aims to refresh all the information about air-sampling smoke detection, the principles of ASD system design, aspire calculations, installation & commissioning.

Students have six months from their certification expiry date to complete the re-certification course.

VESDA-E VEA Training  

This course is aimed at engineers installing, commissioning, and maintaining VESDA ASD VEA systems. This half-day course allows engineers to gain knowledge of the latest VESDA VEA technology at an advanced level. It is a prerequisite that those attending this course have successfully completed the VESDA Engineering or VESDA Engineering Refresher course in the past 18 months.

VSM4 Software Technical Training

This course introduces different Xtralis software used for designing, programming, commissioning, maintenance, and monitoring. It explains the process of downloading, installing and activation of VSM4 software and covers the VSM4 features. Students will further learn about the process of Creating Nodes and Inserting Floor Plans.

Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 Training

By the end of this course, you will understand the features and benefits of the Li-ion Tamer ‘Off-Gas Generation’ product and be ready to demonstrate it to your customers & how to fully install, set up and configure a customer Li-ion Tamer system.

FAAST FLEX™ (EN) Training

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the warehousing and logistics industry. Protecting them against smoke and fire is vital, as is keeping downtime and cost to a minimum. This is where FAAST FLEX™ Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) from Xtralis comes in. Through this course, you will learn about the FAAST FLEX™ technology as well as its design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Visit Xtralis University to find the right online training for you or email us at Trainingservices@Xtralis.com.

Xtralis also delivers in-person courses in each of our operational theatres throughout the year. Want to attend? Visit your local Xtralis office for detalis about schedules and pricing.

If you're in the UK, you can also see our UK course schedule and registration. Online payment options are available to make the process easier. Get more info at info@xtralistraining.com.

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Schedule a VESDA Lunch & Learn.

A VESDA Lunch and Learn presentation covers the major design aspects of a revolutionary addressable aspirating system (including relevant codes and standards), Advanced Detection products and/or their application in specific markets and case studies. We will provide tea/lunch with a technical exposé on how our very early warning detection products would provide cost savings and the earliest detection for each of your vertical markets.