Life Safety Solutions for the Retail & Commercial Industry

Whether developed as stand-alone properties or components of a mixed-use development, owners of shops, malls, hotels, office buildings and luxury residences must protect staff, customers and guests from smoke, fire, and gas threats. Early warning fire & gas detection for retail and commercial properties can protect facilities and stock from loss or significant damage and prevent unnecessary evacuation and business disruption. 

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?

  • Unobtrusive air sampling provides virtually invisible fire detection
  • Multiple configurable alarms to trigger retail staff attendance and help prevent unnecessary panic amongst visitors – from very early warning for investigation and security management to subsequent warnings for evacuation and suppression
  • High sensitivity and vertical installation of sampling pipes provides reliable detection in large, open spaces and commercial areas of high airflow that cause smoke dilution
  • Flexible positioning of detectors makes maintenance and testing simple and convenient
  • Unique detection chamber design protects the detector optics from contamination, reducing nuisance alarms and maintaining detector sensitivity for a long operational life
  • Enhanced suppression system performance through timely notification and intelligent activation to prevent premature or unnecessary actuation and damage to merchandise and property

Retailers and owner-operators of hotels, office buildings and luxury residences rely on Xtralis life safety solutions to help protect multi-million dollar investments in property, furnishings and merchandise as well as to secure staff, residents and the general public who frequent their establishments. With intelligent very early warning smoke detection Xtralis delivers unparalleled situational awareness both discreetly and reliably. With Xtralis life safety solutions, threats can be detected at the earliest possible stage, providing valuable time to take action to avoid or minimize loss. 

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A VESDA Lunch and Learn presentation covers the major design aspects of a revolutionary addressable aspirating system (including relevant codes and standards), Advanced Detection products and/or their application in specific markets and case studies. We will provide tea/lunch with a technical exposé on how our very early warning detection products would provide cost savings and the earliest detection for each of your vertical markets.