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Life Safety Solutions for the Warehousing Industry

Warehousing is at the heart of mission-critical distribution networks that fuel economies. Prevention of loss from fire are critical responsibilities of warehouse operators. A failure to take the necessary precautions can have devastating and far-reaching effects – disrupting supply chains, halting business operations, and potentially damaging economic activity.

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?

  • High sensitivity provides the best warehouse safety solution in areas of high airflow and large, open spaces where drafts dilute smoke and interfere with normal dispersion.
  • Flexible positioning of sampling points in protected areas with detectors installed in locations that are easily accessible for testing and maintenance, including at ground level and outside a refrigerated area
  • Sampling points installed in or near mechanical equipment provides the earliest possible warning of a fire threat.
  • Designs to suit any warehouse facility’s layout of freezers, chillers, coolers, loading bays and maintenance areas for early warning no matter where a fire starts
  • Unique detection chamber design protects the detector optics from contamination, reducing nuisance alarms and maintaining detector sensitivity for a long operational life.
  • Multiple configurable alarms to trigger responses, from very early warning for investigation and security management to subsequent warnings for evacuation and suppression
  • Cost-effective, performance-based design of code-compliant smoke detection system in large rooms with beams
  • Simple expansion for the detection of multiple gases and environmental monitoring without major construction or retrofitting

Warehouse operators look to Xtralis for absolute reliability and unparalleled situational awareness to deter smoke, fire and gas threats before personnel, facilities, stock and business continuity are compromised. With Xtralis’s intelligent life safety solutions for warehouses, threats can be detected at the earliest possible stage, providing valuable time to take action to avoid or minimize damage or harm to keep merchandise and profits flowing.

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Schedule a VESDA Lunch & Learn.

A VESDA Lunch and Learn presentation covers the major design aspects of a revolutionary addressable aspirating system (including relevant codes and standards), Advanced Detection products and/or their application in specific markets and case studies. We will provide tea/lunch with a technical exposé on how our very early warning detection products would provide cost savings and the earliest detection for each of your vertical markets.