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Return, Repair & Cancellation Policy

All product returns to Xtralis from Channel Partners must be processed in accordance with the Xtralis Return, Repair and Cancellation Policy and Sales Terms and Conditions.

Please read the following steps:

  1. The Channel Partner must email the relevant service center at Xtralis for issue of an RMA (Returns Material Advice) number for each unit being returned. At this point the Channel Partner must advise Xtralis of:
    Contact addresses:       
    Americas      support-VESDA@xtralis.com
    Europe, Middle East, Africa (fire products)      service.emea.fire@xtralis.com
    Europe, Middle East, Africa (security products)      service.emea.security@xtralis.com
    Asia Pacific      service.apac@xtralis.com
    China      service.china@xtralis.com


    Failure to provide the above information will result in a RMA number not being issued. Xtralis will not accept returns without an RMA number (they will generally be tracked down to the sender and returned).

    • The serial number of the unit being returned. (If only a sub-assembly part is returned it must note the serial number of the unit it is from.)
    • The part number and/or product description of the unit being returned.
    • Describe the fault with the unit.
    • Any other relevant information for the product return.
  2. Based on the information above, Xtralis will issue an RMA number and advise the delivery address to the Channel Partner by the next working day. The Channel Partner must complete a delivery advice referencing the Xtralis RMA number on the paperwork. This delivery advice must be emailed in advance of delivery (to the regional email address as above), and the delivery must contain a printout/copy.

    1. Xtralis Service Center to capture all RMA information in XPR database.
    2. The unit must be packed with sufficient cushioning material (foam chips are not appropriate) and shipped to Xtralis via a traceable courier at the Channel Partner’s expense.
  3. Once delivery is received at the Xtralis Service Center and the goods have been booked in and inspected, Xtralis will assess the warranty status of the unit(s). Xtralis warrants that goods manufactured by Xtralis will be free from defects caused by manufacture for a period of 24 months from the date an invoice is issued by Xtralis. Should any fault occur within that period as the result of such defect, Xtralis will make all necessary repairs, or at Xtralis's sole discretion, replace the goods at no charge to the Channel Partner except for customs and import duties as set out in clause 7 below.

    The warranty will be void in the following instances:
    1. Warranty RMA’s are covered by balance of original warranty period.
    2. Paid RMA Repairs are covered by a 1 year warranty.
    • Product warranty has expired.
    • Product has been tampered with or damaged during shipment due to improper packaging on return.
    • Damage due to rough or negligent treatment.
    • Damage or malfunction caused by lightning or related voltage surges, incorrect installation or any other cause outside Xtralis’s control.
    • Product labels missing or at variance with the unit due to non-standard upgrades.
    • Failure to service or maintain the unit(s) in accordance with Xtralis’s instructions.
  4. Xtralis will advise the Channel Partner of any/all charges, if applicable. The Channel Partner must authorize the charges against the issued RMA, by raising a purchase order.
    1. If unit is found to be NFF (No Fault Found), a standard charge will apply and be invoiced accordingly.
  5. Time Limit for units to be held pending a Repair PO:
    Units that have been returned under normal RMA process and have had a quotation for Repair issued to the Channel Partner, will only be kept for 1 calendar month from the date of issuing the repair quote and if no PO is provided, will be returned to the Channel Partner (un-repaired) and the RMA will be considered closed/cancelled.
    Note: a reminder will be sent 1 week prior to the 1 calendar month elapsed time
  6. Delivery and Related Costs:
    • The Channel Partner shall bear the cost of delivery and insurance of any goods returned to Xtralis for repair, including units under warranty.
    • Xtralis shall pay any customs or import duties payable on goods returned under warranty from the Channel Partner to Xtralis; and
    • The Channel Partner shall pay any customs or import duties payable on the return of such goods from Xtralis to the Channel Partner after replacement or repair;
    • Provided the warranty in clause 4 applies, Xtralis shall bear the costs of delivery and insurance of any repaired or replacement goods from Xtralis to the Channel Partner.
  7. Xtralis will advise the Channel Partner of the estimated repair time and will ship the units in accordance with clause 6 when completed.

    1. from receipt of order to cover repairs, lead time is 4 weeks (2 weeks repair & 2 weeks pack & ship) maximum.
  8. Repair status may be obtained via the above contact addresses quoting applicable RMA numbers
    Units with a manufacture date of 10 years and over will be assessed for the merit of repair. Xtralis is happy to extend a 10% discount for new units that are to replace 10 year plus units, on provision that the serial number of the unit requiring repair is stated on the purchase order for the new unit.
  9. Advanced warranty replacement units will only apply on a case by case basis and providing the following can be satisfied, ie:
    • The equipment is still covered by it’s original warranty.
    • The Customer/Distributor has advised Xtralis in writing that the goods are faulty.
    • A unit of the same type (product code) is readily available from stock.
    • All the above is covered/referenced in item 9.9 of the Xtralis “terms & conditions”.
    • The Customer/Distributor will provide a Purchase Order to cover the replacement unit (as per item 9.10 of the Xtralis “terms & conditions”.
  10. Order cancellation/product return

    Order cancellations can only be accepted prior to manufacture and shipment ie;
    If goods have already been shipped when requested order cancellation is submitted, request can not be accepted and order process will continue through to invoice
    1. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of Operations and Sales Directors only.
    2. Any returned goods will incur a minimum 20% restocking fee.  Higher fees may apply.

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