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Product Reference Material & Selection Guide

All VESDA aspirating smoke detectors have the ability to detect smoke in areas with low or high levels of contamination. Regardless of your applications needs we have a suitable detector. For the harshest applications, VESDA VLI — designed specifically for harsh and industrial applications — would most likely be the detector of choice.

Note: in some cases inline filters may be required to reduce potential particle contamination


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We have consolidated all the ASD documentation for harsh and industrial applications below. You can find more information and documentation on all Xtralis solutions at xtralis.com. Some documents require registration to access.

How to Application Notes (PDF)
Do's and Don'ts for ASD in Harsh & Industrial Environments
How to Use Thermoelectric Cooling with ASD
Installing ASD in High Temp Environments
Installing ASD in Low Temp Environments
Installing ASD in Wet or Condensing Environments
Installing ASD in Corrosive Environments
Installing ASD in High Vibration Environments
Installing ASD in High EMI/RFI Environments
Installing ASD in Dusty Environments
Installing ASD in Dirty Environments


Product Data Sheets Brochures Case Studies


VLI Data Sheet

VLI Brochure

VLI Project List

Waste Recycling

Oil & Gas

Power Generation

Road Tunnels

Rail & Metro Tunnels

Wind Power

AU Equine Center

Textile Mfg.

Waste Transfer Station

Boiler Feed Pump

Value Logistics

Pick'n Pay


VLF 250 Data Sheet

VLF 500 Data Sheet

VLF 250 for Rail

VLF 500 for Rail



VEU Data Sheet

VEU Brochure


Oil & Gas

Power Generation

Rolling Stock

Wind Power Generation

Robotics Mfg.

Mango Fashion

Cook Medical


VEP Data Sheet

Oil & Gas

Power Generation

Cable Chambers & Tunnels

Wind Power Generation



VEA Data Sheet

VEA Brochure


Sonora Behavioral Health


ECO Data Sheet

ECO Ex Data Sheet

ECO Brochure

VESDA ECO Project List

ECO: A New Approach to Gas Detection

Cable Chambers & Tunnels

Road Tunnels

Rail & Metro Tunnels

Metals Processing

Large Refrigerator Terminals

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