Recent Press Releases

19 Feb 2020
19 Aug 2019
VESDA-E VES Smoke Detectors From Honeywell Introduce Advanced Zoning to Improve Threat Identification and Reduce Losses
VESDA-E VES delivers sector addressability to enable large protected areas to be divided into four separate zones for improved smoke detection and response. Aspirating smoke detectors minimize downtime and reduce total cost of ownership for end users.
06 Sep 2018
Honeywell Announces New Advanced Smoke Detection Integration With Popular Commercial Fire Panel Systems
Intelligent VESDA-E advanced smoke detection technology is now available in NOTIFIER and Gamewell-FCI commercial building fire systems. The latest in Honeywell’s vision towards full building connectivity in increasingly complex building environments.
24 Feb 2018
Honeywell to Expand Connected Building Solutions by Offering Edge Video Analytics Software to Security Oems
Axis Communications to become first external camera manufacturer to leverage Xtralis Video Content Analytics (VCA) software suite.
20 Nov 2017
VESDA-E VEA Receives EN54-20 Approval
VESDA-E VEA receives EN54-20 approval, giving Europe access to the latest innovation in smoke detection